Download JTWhatsApp 2024 latest update V9.95

Download JTWhatsApp latest version free for Android devices. It is a modified version of the popular messaging application that owned by Meta WhatsApp, the official version of jt WhatsApp update can find it on our website.

WhatsApp is still the king in the chatting apps and has more and more users every day. Because the majority use this service daily to chat with friends, send photos, share videos, chat in a group or organize a meeting. So it has become indispensable in our daily life. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty rigid in its customization capabilities and security and privacy options. For this reason, it was necessary to apply a rate that removes this inertia, so the JTWhatsaApp 2023 application was the solution.

the last update of JTwhatsapp

What is the JTWhatsApp app?

Stagnation and the need for new services was the reason for the emergence of many modifications to the famous messaging application, the original WhatsApp. Therefore, GB WhatsApp is one of the most popular mods. But WhatsApp + JiMODs (JTWhatsApp 2024), developed by Jimtechs, goes even further. It includes an anti-ban system and continues to add additional features to the traditional service with each new release.

Download JTWhatsApp latest version for free 2024

Application nameJTWhatsApp
Developer nameJiMods
Version noV9.95
Volume82 MB
Last updated15/02/2024
ReleaseThe latest version

Before downloading the application, do not forget to make a backup (backup copy) of the conversations and save them either on Google Cloud or on the phone before starting to install jt whatsapp 2024. We will also put the download link and explain the steps to download and install jtwhatsapp 2023 against the ban, the latest version for free.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp GT APK for Android

  • First: Download the modern JTWhatsApp original version from above on this website.
  • Second: After you made a backup copy, delete the original WhatsApp from your phone.
  • Third: Open the option to install from unknown sources.
  • Fourth: Click on the file that was downloaded in the first step and follow the download instructions that will appear on the screen.
  • Fifth: After completing the download of jtwhatsapp, open the application and activate the application by entering your phone number.
  • Sixth: Restore the backup, and enjoy the application.

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Features of downloading jt whatsapp 2023

jt whatsapp has tons of features including customization, themes, changing styles, app lock, conversation lock, privacy mods, and much more!. JTWhatsApp 2024 has dozens of themes to customize the appearance of your messaging app in terms of changing wallpapers, icons and images. Thus, here are the most important features of downloading WhatsApp GT, a new version:

Increase the length of the Video 

It is possible to send a video of a large length, in WhatsApp GT the size of the videos that you can share has been increased from 16MB to 30MB. Also, this feature is only found in the jiti whatsapp application, and there is no original green whatsapp.

Offer before Downloading

One of the new features when downloading GTWhatsApp is the ability to view or preview received photos, videos, and other files before downloading them.

High Quality Pictures

In the event that you decide to download jtwhatsapp 2024 on your device, make sure that you can control the quality of the images before sending them, meaning that the image will not lose its accuracy when sending it.

Statuses and Chats

One of the nice features added by the developer jimods when downloading GT WhatsApp 2022 is the ability to increase status characters to 250 characters. You can also see the status of your contacts while chatting with them.

Forwarding and Sharing

GTWhatsApp 2024, the latest version, has the ability to share music in one click. GTWhatsApp also allows you to select parts of the text instead of complete messages and forward them to contacts. This feature is also present in GBWhatsApp Pro latest version.

Anti Deletion

It is one of the best features that comes with the GT WhatsApp 2021 app for Android. I think everyone needs to know the message sent to you was deleted, by enabling this anti-delete option, the sender will not delete the messages for you. So, you can easily find out the text of the message.

Freeze last Seen

JT WhatsApp APK allows you to freeze the last seen, if you want to use WhatsApp anonymously, then this option helps you to do that. Basically, it freezes your last seen, so that your contacts can’t see your last seen.

Features of Hiding Read Message

One of the great features in the JTWhatsApp 2024 + program is to hide the receiving health, as well as the reading health, and also the ability to hide your viewing of your friends’ cases so that your name does not appear among those whose status has been viewed. This feature was added at the beginning of 2020.

Privacy on JTWhatsApp

The JTWA Android app also comes with convenient privacy options, which are required by the users. Also we think these are more than enough for advanced users, and they can easily adapt to it. So, you don’t have to worry about this thing. These can apply to categories such as contacts, groups, and broadcasts.

The Privacy on JTWhatsapp last update

There are also competing applications such as WhatsApp GB and also the WhatsApp Gold program. Likewise, the famous application, WhatsApp Omar, by the Yemeni developer, Omar Badeb. Try it and give us your opinion.

List of what you can get from the privacy option:

  • Hide read status.
  • Possibility to hide the status of receipt.
  • The feature of hiding the receiving and reading lines.
  • Hide Recording.
  • Possibility to hide writing.

New in the Latest Update

  • Based on Core Update
  • Added showing the total number of messages in the display of all messages.
  • JTWA backup folder taking up too much storage space has been resolved.
  • (Exclusive) Added “Save to Gallery” option when media visibility is turned off.
  • Added buttons to scroll down (newer) and up (older) in the All Messages display.
  • Enable new contact profile Design UI.
  • Instant notification when people view your status.
  • In-app translation has been re-added.
  • Fixed call option by dial that sometimes gives wrong number.
  • Added Erase Backup option now delete all old backups data.
  • Enable disappearing messages with more options (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days).
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

In the end, we hope that we have succeeded in explaining this wonderful application GT WhatsApp 2023, and that the benefit from the topic will be as much as the benefit from this wonderful program. Also, we will provide a link to download the latest version jtwhatsapp 2025, where you will find it above or below. We come to the conclusion of the topic with links to download GT WhatsApp 2022, with a direct and fast link from our website, and it supports the completion of the download. It is also without annoying ads in an easy and simple way.